Tuesday, May 5, 2009

High School Cheerleaders Rock!

May is always a busy month for the cheerleading team. The girls have several things coming up this month. They are helping with the Clint Wright Foundation Fish Fry on the 9th of May.

Kathleen Middle School and Sleepy Hill Middle school are on the calendar for May 15th to do recruiting for the upcoming tryouts. This will be going on until May 18th and then our parent meeting is scheduled for potential cheer squad members.

May 29th they will have a game in Winter Haven. This years JV and Varsity squads will both be cheering. It will be the last event they will cheer at together as a squad until next years squads are picked.

Fundraising for the cheerleaders begins in earnest on the 30th of May ....

On May 30th we are having a car wash at Freddie Mitchell's restaurant, Brothers Barbecue, from 11:00am-3:00pm.

Being a high school cheerleader is an honor and a privilege. Only the best of the best ever make it too this position!


Cheerleading is a way of life, shared by a chosen few,
It is working as a unit in everything you do
Cheerleading is a rivalry, the competition makes you strong,
It is sharing secrets and tears, learning to get along
Cheerleading is that ongoing drive to be the very best,
It is patience, perseverance, and very little rest
Cheerleading is having poise and charm with every word you say,
It is total dedication twenty-four hours a day
It is always being ready with encouragement and a smile
Cheerleading is your chance to express your individual style
Cheerleading is reaching out to comfort a sister who is sad,
It is defending each other in good times and the bad
Cheerleaders are always there when someone asks,
They treasure the present moment and let go of the past
Cheerleading is a talent to be able to shine on cue
It is hiding the pain and anguish that if only half the people knew
Cheerleaders, after all, are real people that sometimes get down
but when they're in the spotlight, they must never show a frown
Cheerleaders are actresses always ready to go
That is why it's important for all the world to know
Not every girl can be a cheerleader, it takes a special kind
Cheerleaders are full of life and a little bit out of their mind.

Cheerleaders of Kathleen High School !

The Competition

The competition lasts but moments
Though the training's taken years
It wasn't the winning alone
That was worth the work and tears
The applause will be forgotten
The prize will be misplaced
But the long hard hours of practice
Will never be a waste
For in trying to win you build a skill
You learn that winning depends on will
You never grow by how much you win
You only grow by how much you put in
So any challenge you've just begun
Put forth your best effort
And you've already won

author unknown

We are the cheerleaders of Kathleen High School Lakeland Florida!